January 07, 2009

Together Forever. Or Else.

I have been dying to watch this movie for ages, so when I saw it on HBO the other night I squealed with delight. This isn't to say that Fear is a cinematic masterpiece, but it does have something going for it.

The obvious plus would be a post-Marky-Mark-and-the-Funky-Bunch-Mark-Wahlberg, however this movie also features an impeccable array of 90's music, fashion and slang. (The movie is set in Seattle during the height of the grunge-rock phase.) I'm still not over my foray into 90's fashion, so this movie is like a gold mine. I particularly loved the outfits posted above.

Even though it is ridiculous, and Mark Wahlberg's squinty eyes and Boston accent are highly annoying after and hour and half, its totally worth it for a good laugh :)


The Taylor Three said...

Oh Miranda, this is one of my all time favorite movies! So glad to see you appreciate it as well.

Ace said...

Why have I never seen this movie? This looks amazing, I need to order it.