August 03, 2008

I've Come 500 Miles Just to See a Halo

So this is my very first post on my very first fashion blog so I figured I would start it off with just posting 5 things that are currently inspiring me; fashion, and otherwise.

1. Multi-stranded Necklaces and Bracelets...basically piling on the jewelry. I, like every other fashion fiend, was completely in love with the fall collections for Givenchy and Balenciaga and I drew so much inspiration from Givenchy's layered gold chains and charms and Balenciaga's giant crystal jewels. I personally love Carrie Bradshaw's (or more accurately Patricia Field's) interpretation of the look. The multiple strands of Pearls and brooches is very feminine and it also makes a otherwise plain outfit pop!

2. Jock Sturges, Sally Mann and Richard Avedon's Portraits.. all have this amazing way of capturing their subjects. For Jock Sturges it is so much about the surreal lighting in the photographs that play off of the subjects skin and eyes. His subjects look like they could be something out of greek mythology. They are almost otherworldy in their beauty. With Sally Mann I see something akin to Sturges' photographs. All of her portraits of her children just amaze me. It is the intensity in their gazes (especially for such young children) that makes them so beautifully tragic looking and so intriguing. Finally with Avedon it is the truth that he evokes from all of his subjects. His "American West" series is so evocative and real that I felt such a connection with all of his subjects it was eery. The setting (a blank wall) provides no distractions so that all you see is the subject as he/she really appears.

3. Floral Tights... Ever since the Fall 08 Chloe runway I have been obsessed with floral tights. The look is pure genius and completely different than anything I have seen recently. I love how they mixed and matched them with floral chiffon dresses and skirts (and of course elegant ankle boots!) For day to day wear I see myself pairing them with loose white/black tank dresses, doc martins, peep toe ankle boots, leather jackets, minnetonkas and plaid men's shirts.

4. India.. Even though I have never been to India I draw so much inspiration from it. I have family connections to the country and so I have grown up hearing stories and picturing in my mind what it would be like to live in such a beautiful place with so much color. The fabrics and saris, the desserts and mangoes, the hindu temples and palm trees, the darjeeling tea and the elephants. India draws me in and continues to inspire and amaze me.

5. TV circa the 1990s...Whats better than a little classic 90s style? 90s fashion showcased beautifully on the latest episode of Dawson's Creek. I love watching old tv shows, and just one of the perks is seeing what was in fashion not too long ago. Seeing what trends the cool kids were wearing in Beverly Hills, 90210 or what kind of leather pants Buffy wore to kick ass this week, or even what crazy mix of patterns, leggings and neon Melissa Joan Hart wore as Clarissa Darling. 90s style is close to my heart as a child of the 90s, and so are 90s teen soaps so its the perfect mixture! I suggest you all go rent Boy Meets World stat!


Jessica said...

I love the floral Chloe tights too!
great post!

A La Femme said...

Really nice, I especially like the picture of SJP with the pearls. Great inspiration!!

Eva said...

Love your first post, can't wait for more!

Amy said...

I love the clothes in my so called life!